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Persistent IP FAQs for Viasat Business Internet customers



FAQs about persistent IP addresses for Viasat Business Internet customers

As a businesses customer, you likely need Internal Protocol (IP) addresses that don’t change so you can monitor your networked devices and/or configure firewall rules to protect your networks. Traditionally, Static IP addresses were the only way to provide this capability. Viasat Business Internet meets this need by providing each account with (3) Persistent IP addresses for no additional charge that do not change and support dedicated connections over the internet.


Common questions about how to use your persistent IP addresses

How do I set up my equipment to use Persistent IP addresses?

Once connected, the Viasat network will assign an IP address to the connected device.

How are Persistent IP addresses assigned?

These addresses are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis – the first three computers or devices that are connected to the network will each be assigned one of the three available persistent IP addresses.

What if I want to change the IP address for my device?

To change the IP assigned to your computer or device, call Customer Support at 855-313-4111 from 7AM to 1AM CST Monday through Sunday.

Do I need any specific configuration on my device (laptop, tablet etc.) to get Persistent IP addresses?

These devices must be configured as DHCP clients; standard DHCP leases must be renewed to keep the IP addresses active.

I’m using Viasat Business Internet only as a backup or secondary connection – will the Persistent IP addresses stay attached?

If you’re using Viasat Business Internet for a backup or secondary connection only, you don’t need to ping the IP address to keep it active and assigned; just keep the modem and firewall powered on.


Want to know more about the differences between persistent, static, and dynamic IP addresses? Keep reading.


First off, what is an IP address?

An IP address is a unique string of numbers that identifies each computer or electronic device using the Internet. Similar to how someone needs your unique mailing address to send you a letter, each computer or device is assigned a unique identifier (an IP address) to send and receive data over both public and private networks. 

What is a Dynamic IP address?

A dynamic IP address is a temporary address assigned to a computer or device when it connects to a network. When you connect to a network, your Internet Service Provider assigns a temporary IP address from a pool of available addresses to your device. The next time you connect to a network, a different IP address may be assigned to you from the available pool. For most users, these changes in IP addresses occur silently and are not noticeable. Most ISPs (Internet Service Providers) offer dynamic IP addresses because it’s efficient. However, they can be undesirable for businesses that require remote access, firewalls, and other unique business operations.

What is a Static IP address?

A static IP address is a permanent address configured to a computer or device before it connects to a network. When you order service with a static IP, an ISP sends you a permanent IP address, mask, and gateway IP for each device that needs to be manually entered on your local device. Once entered the assigned IP address does not change. Typically ISPs charge for Static IP addresses.

What is a Persistent IP address? 

A Persistent IP address is similar to a Static IP address in that it is uniquely assigned to each device, is publicly addressable, and once assigned to a device doesn’t change.  Persistent IP addresses can be used for network management, POS systems, IoT, even VPN connections.  Persistent IP addresses are assigned dynamically over the network making for a more plug and play approach instead manually entering the IP address, mask, and gateway.  And best of all Persistent IP addresses from Viasat are free - we offers 3 Persistent IP addresses for each account for free.

How persistent are Persistent IP addresses?

After a device is assigned a Persistent IP address, a DHCP renewal occurs within the first hour to ensure that the device is meant to be long term. At midnight all active leases are recorded and turned into Persistent IP addresses. With persistent IP addresses equipment can be powered on/off without concern of being assigned a different IP address.  If a device is powered off and/or unavailable for more than 14 days, the IP address will be released allowing other devices to receive one of the three IP Addresses.


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