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How to install and uninstall the WildBlue Optimizer



Use this article to help install and uninstall the WildBlue Optimizer, which will improve the performance of your system on the ViaSat network.

NOTE: If you have Viasat products (black modem) do NOT download the Optimizer, it may negatively affect the speed of your service.

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Instructions for downloading the WildBlue optimizer

  1. Download the WildBlue Optimizer by clicking on the downloads section within this page. When the pop-up box appears, click on Save to save it to your PC hard drive or desktop.
    NOTE: Do not click Run.

  2. Extract the WildBlue Optimizer from the zipped file on your PC hard drive.

    Important: Close all internet browser windows before attempting to run the WildBlue Optimizer.  If you do not close them all, the WildBlue Optimizer will not install properly.

  3. After you have closed all your browser windows, double click on the Optimizer program and follow the prompts. The file name to click is wildblue.exe

NOTE: Before installing the WildBlue Optimizer:You must have administrative rights on the PC  and you must close all browsers before starting the installation.  We recommend that you print these instructions before continuing.

NOTE: On PCs using the Operating Systems (OS) Windows 2000 and above, the PC user must have OS administration permission to run the Optimizer. If you do not have administrative permissions and cannot log in as the PC administrator, the installer cannot run the Optimizer. The installer will advise the customer to discuss running the Optimizer with the PC administrator and note the issue on the Installation Completion Form.


  1. On the Setup WildBlue Optimizer window, click Next to begin the Optimizer Wizard.
    Optimizer Pageoneandhalf Browser Opened

  2. If any Internet browser windows are open, a page will display requesting you either manually close all browser windows or allow the program to automatically close all browser windows before continuing with the installation. If no browser windows are open, this window will not display.
    NOTE: If a browser window remains open, an error message appears, and the installation does not continue.
  3. Decide if will be set as the browser's homepage. Click the accept or decline radio button and click Next.  
Optimizer Pagetwo

  1. On the Optimizer Information window, click Next to start the Optimizer installation. NOTE: The information page contains the Read-Me file content. It notes the changes that are being made to the browser and other settings which will improve the WildBlue Internet experience.
Optimizer     Step
  1. After the installation finishes, the Completing the WildBlue Optimizer Setup Wizard window appears. Click Finish to complete the installation and open the Optimizer Read-Me file. The email login page on also opens.    
Optimizer Pagefour
  1. After reading the Read-Me file, the Optimizer installation is complete.   

How to uninstall the WildBlue optimizer

IMPORTANT: If you have Exede products, (black Modem) Viasat strongly recommends uninstalling the WildBlue optimizer from your computer as it may negatively affect browsing speed

Remove from Windows

  1. Click the Start button and select Control Panel.

  2. Click Add or Remove Programs.

  3. Choose WildBlue PC Optimizer.

  4. Click Remove, and then Yes.

  5. Click OK to complete the un-installation and close the application window.

Reset Internet Explorer (if required)

  1. Launch Internet Explorer.
  2. From the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
  3. Select the General tab and change the home page as appropriate.
  4. Select the Connections tab and click LAN Settings.
  5. Under Proxy Server, click Advanced.
  6. Delete the Http proxy address and port.
  7. Delete the Exceptions.
  8. Click OK and then click Yes to continue.
  9. Confirm that Use proxy server for your LAN check box is unchecked.
  10. Click OK twice to close the option window and complete the un-installation.

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