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Changing a password: WildBlue



This article describes how to change your WildBlue account password

Log in 

  1. From the homepage of click the My Account/ New Users/ Data Usage link at the top of the page.
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  1. The Manage My Account login screen appears.  Type your Username or Primary Email Address and Password in the appropriate fields and click the Sign In button.
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  1. For changes to your primary email account, click one of the Manage Account tabs.  For changes to your secondary email(s), click one of the Configure Email tabs.
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Change Password

  1. In the Password Change section, click the empty box labeled Password
  2. Enter a password based on the criteria listed 
  3. Re-type this password in the section marked Password Confirm.
  4. Click Save
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  1. A message populates showing "Your changes have been saved successfully".

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