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Connecting your devices to the Viasat WiFi Modem



Learn how to connect both wired and wireless devices to your Viasat WiFi Modem.

Learn how to connect both wired and wireless devices to your Viasat WiFi Modem by watching the video and/or reading the article below it.

Setting up your home network with the Exede WiFi Modem from Exede Internet on Vimeo.

Going Wireless

A wireless connection is available via the Viasat WiFi Modem's built-in router. With it, you can connect devices like smart phones, tablets, TVs, security cameras and thermostats. A home network lets you tap into the internet anywhere in your home, on a variety of devices — without the use of cables.

The easiest way to create a wireless network is to use the identifiers already assigned to your modem. The network name, or SSID, and key/password assigned to your Viasat WiFi Modem are located on the back of your modem. 

Please note that although it's called a Key on the modem, this is your password. The words may be used interchangeably.

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As you can tell from the size of this photo, the SSID and key/password printed on the modem are tiny! We recommend taking a photo with your phone, then magnifying the photo a bit to be sure you can accurately read and translate these important identifiers.

If you want to use the assigned identifiers, you’re ready to go. No further action is required.
If you’d like to change your network SSID and key to something more identifiable (like “Jones WiFi”), follow these steps:

  1. After setting up your Viasat WiFi Modem, type into your internet browser.
  2. Wait for the prompt. Then log in with the user name “admin” and the password “admin.”
  3. The screen you’ll see next will allow you to select your own network name, key/password, security mode and more. Be sure to select a strong password using a variety of characters.

You can also connect both wired and wireless devices to your Viasat WiFi Modem. The four ports on the side can accommodate up to four wired devices using Ethernet cables.

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Examples include DVRs, a desktop or laptop computer, or even another router if you choose not to use the integrated Viasat router.

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