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​This article will show you the features and get tips for your Exede or WildBlue email service.

Important information about email:
Viasat continues to support the WildBlue and Exede email services. But Viasat Internet does not offer an email service. We recommend using Google’s free Gmail as the most full-featured and secure email service available. You can continue to access your WildBlue and Exede email at or
If you already have an Exede or WildBlue email account, here are some of the features of your email service.

3-pane view of email
You can view your mailbox in a 3-pane view by clicking on View in the top right corner of your inbox and selecting a Reading Pane option.
Auto-save drafts
Your email client automatically saves and spell-checks emails in progress. If you exit from the email window before your email is sent, your draft will automatically be stored in the drafts folder, so you will never have to worry about losing your work.
Auto contact prompt
When you compose an email message, the auto-complete feature displays a list of names from your address books that match the text you are typing. When this happens and you see the recipient you are looking for, you can type a comma to auto-complete the contact entry.
Auto-save emailed contacts
The Emailed Contacts address book is created automatically when you send an email to a new email address that is not in one of your other address books.
Signature options
Multiple signature options are available under Preferences > Signatures. You can format your signatures with HTML, which allows different font and emoticons, or keep them simple and easy to read on mobile devices with the plain text format. You can even assign a different signature for replies and forwards.
Priority settings
When sending an outgoing email, you can choose to set the priority for the email as high, normal or low by using the Priority drop down bar to the right of your subject line.
It’s easy to add attachments into your outgoing messages by just clicking the "Attach" box in the compose screen, and selecting the item you'd like to include. 
Read receipts
Want to be notified when your email is read? Attach a read receipt by going to Options at the top of your message and selecting Request Read Receipt.
You can use tags to help classify and organize your email messages, document conversations, calendar items, contacts, briefcase, or tasks. You can create tags for tasks or project tags to sort email, and you can search for all items with a particular tag. You can also apply multiple tags to an item.
Spam control
Set up approved and non-approved mailing lists for emails through Preferences > Mail > Spam Mail Options.
Color-coded calendar
A busy calendar can get messy. You can color-code your calendars so that activities for that calendar always display in that selected color. To color-code, right click on the calendar and select Edit Properties. Then select a color from the drop-down menu.

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