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Frequently asked questions about the Viasat data allowance policy

What is the Data Allowance Policy?

The Data Allowance Policy ensures that all Viasat customers get a fair amount of access to the Internet over our network.

For more detailed information and to read the entire Data Allowance Policy, click here.

What is the Data Allowance Policy for my Viasat plan?

The best way to determine your data usage allowance is to see what plan you're on by logging in to your account

For more detailed information and to read the entire Data Allowance Policy, click here.

What happens if I exceed the Data Allowance for my plan?

When you reach 100% of your monthly data usage allowance, we will send an email alert to the contact email address that is on file for your account. In addition to the email alert, you can always see your current data usage on your online account.

Your service or certain uses of your service may be significantly slowed and/or restricted.  This means that certain web pages and online applications will take significantly longer to load and some services will not be useable. If you're on a Liberty plan, it works a bit differently. Read more about Liberty.

What do you mean by “significantly slowed and/ or restricted”?  Your service, or certain uses of your service, will be very slow or curtailed.  One example might be that you try to stream a high-definition (HD) video.  Because HD video requires a substantial amount of bandwidth it will not load or will take an extremely long time to do so, but you may be able to send and receive emails (with no attachments) without much delay. If you're on an Evolution plan, your webpage and email access will remain at regular speeds even if you exceed your data usage allowance.

Keep in mind, you can purchase more data via our Buy More program which is $10.00 per 1 GB of additional data. The Buy More data will be at normal speeds. If you are on a Classic, Evolution, Essential or select Liberty plans, you can also take advantage of the Free Zone which gives you unmetered data usage between for 3-5 hours daily per your local time zone. In Classic areas, the Free Zone goes from midnight to 5 a.m.; on Evolution and Essential plans, it's from 3-8 a.m. If you're on a Liberty 12, 25 or 50 plan, it's from 3-6 a.m.

For a complete list of frequently asked questions and answers, review the document here.

If I went over my data allowance for my plan, will my speeds ever return to normal?

Yes. In fact, there are many ways to get back to normal, unrestricted service.  First, if your package includes a Free Zone, all restrictions are removed during that time period (see above). Second, you can change your package to one that has a higher data usage allowance (e.g., 15 GB or 25 GB).  You can change your package at any time on Your Account or by calling Customer Care.  Third, you can Buy More data in 1 GB increments for $10.00 per 1 GB, for more information click here.  Lastly, at the start of each monthly measurement period, your data usage allowance is reset to the amount included with your package (e.g., 10 GB).

How do I know how much data I have used?

You can monitor your current data usage online on your accountWhen your usage reaches 70% of the data allowance in a monthly measurement period (the measurement period is the same as the billing cycle), we will send a notification email alert to the contact email address that we have on file.  When you reach 100% of your monthly data allowance, you will receive and additional email alert. 

What activities may cause me to go over my data allowance?

Some activities are more likely to cause an account to go over your plan's Data Allowance. Here are some very common examples of online activities that can rapidly increase data usage:

  • Full-length movie downloads
  • Unsecure Wireless Router
  • Heavy use of peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing programs such as FastTrack, BitTorrent, etc.
  • Downloading or viewing streaming media content such as; online videos, music, Internet radio
  • Extended use of Web cameras, especially if they are constantly streaming
  • Extensive downloading of large applications or files
  • Extensive uploading of home movies, photos, and/or large email attachments
  • Uploading documents to an Online Backup Service

What is Buy More? 

Buy More is a program which allows you to purchase more data at any time as your account approaches or exceeds 100% of the plan's data usage allowance. You will be able to Buy More usage at $10 per GB - up to 9 GBs total in one transaction. For more information, click here

What is the Free Zone?

If you have Classic, Evolution, Essential or select Liberty plans, then you get a hall pass for unmetered internet use for 3-5 hours daily. Classic plan customers get the Free Zone from midnight to 5 am. Evolution and Essential plan users get it from 3 a.m. to 8 a.m. It's available on select Liberty plans from 3-6 a.m. daily.
*Note: Plans not available in all areas.
Either way, the Free Zone gives you 3-5 hours of unmetered, super-fast internet to download movies, games, music and software updates. You can upload photo galleries, blog postings and videos, perform online backups, and a whole lot more. The meter’s been turned off. So none of it counts towards your monthly data usage allowance.

How does the Free Zone work?

  • 100% UNMETERED data usage from 12 midnight – 5 a.m. (Classic) or 3 a.m. – 8 a.m. (Evolution or Essential) or 3 a.m. - 6 a.m. (select Liberty plans) per your local time zone).
  • Both DOWNLOAD and UPLOAD usage are unmetered.
  • Speeds restored and any restrictions lifted at the beginning of the Free Zone. If you have already used up your Data Allowance for the month, you can still use the Free Zone at the normal speed.

Learn more about the Free Zone by reading our Free Zone FAQ.

Do all plans have the Free Zone?

No. Only Classic, Evolution, Essential and some Liberty plans have the Free Zone. If you’re on a Freedom plan, you should have plenty of data to get what you need done without a Free Zone. 

Buy More can be purchased during the Free Zone; however, the Buy More usage will not count during the Free Zone.

Why did I receive a usage notification email when the usage meter displays that I am below my designated data allowance?

At the time the notification was sent to you, your usage exceeded at least 70% of your data usage allowance. If your current usage is below 70%, please disregard the usage notification email.

Where can I find more information about the Data Allowance Policy?

You can find information about Viasat's Data Allowance Policy on our legal documents page here.





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