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Information about F-Secure antivirus software



Some customers who subscribed to Exede or Wildblue plans have had antivirus software from F-Secure as part of their service plan. Effective Jan. 31, 2017, we will no longer supply or support F-Secure. After this date, you’ll get a notice from F-Secure that your key is no longer active. If you were paying for F-Secure, you will no longer see this charge appear on your Viasat bill.
We do require customers to maintain antivirus protection on their home network, so you’ll want to do one of two things:
1. Pay to renew your F-Secure key or get a new one at the F-Secure site.
2. Choose another antivirus solution. You can buy these online or in computer or other retail stores. You may also use a free version. Here’s some information from PC Magazine on some recommended antivirus solutions:
Paid antivirus solutions
Free antivirus solutions

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