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Lease options designed to serve variety of customers and budgets



What are the equipment lease options available to Viasat customers?

Trying to decide what equipment lease option is best for you? Viasat offers three lease options, each with a different price point and duration.

Because our equipment is specifically designed for Viasat, customers must lease from us the equipment required to access the Viasat Internet satellite signal.

Our lifetime lease is a great option. At $299.99, it covers the lease payment for as long as you use the same model of equipment that is originally leased to you. The one-time fee is required at the time you place your original service order.  You can also select the lifetime lease if you upgrade to a new plan with a different modem than the one you currently are leasing and enter into a new 24-month minimum service term. If you do the math, you’ll see the break-even point on the lifetime lease is about 30 months.

Like our other leases, the equipment we provide with the lifetime lease isn’t yours to keep permanently, and must be returned to us if you disconnect your service. But until then, the lifetime lease allows you to enjoy your Viasat service without a recurring monthly lease fee.

We also offer a monthly equipment lease fee of $9.99 per month.  

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