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How to change your online account password




*Note: These instructions apply only to Viasat Internet residential customers using the online customer portal. Read this article for password instructions on WildBlue.


Changing your Online Account Password

Log in to your account.

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  1. Once you are logged into your account dashboard, click on Your Profile  in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
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  1.  Click on the Edit Your Personal Information button.
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  1. Click on the Edit Password link on the menu to your left.
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  1. Enter your current password in the Old password field, then your choice of new password into the New password*  field. Make sure to choose a password that you don't use for anything else, and that would be difficult for anyone else to guess. Then,  Re-enter your new password into the Re-Enter New password field to confirm.
  1. Click the Submit button
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You can now log in to your account with the new password that you just set.


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