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POP/IMAP settings for your email account



These are the POP/IMAP settings you'll need to set up your and email accounts, with links to specific email clients.

Important information about email:
Viasat continues to support the WildBlue and Exede email services. But Viasat Internet does not offer an email service. We recommend using Google’s free Gmail as the most full-featured and secure email service available. You can continue to access your WildBlue and Exede email at or

The following tables show the POP/IMAP settings for and email accounts. These are the settings you would use for getting email with an email client such as Outlook or Apple Mail. POP/IMAP/SMTP settings

Inbound POPmail.exede.net995SSL
Inbound IMAPmail.exede.net993SSL
Outbound SMTPSMTP.exede.net465, 587SSL, StartTLS POP/IMAP/SMTP settings

Inbound POPmail.wildblue.net995SSL, StartTLS
Inbound IMAPmail.wildblue.net993SSL
Outbound SMTPSMTP.wildblue.net465, 587SSL, StartTLS

Looking for specific set-up instructions?

NOTE: If your email client allows use of IMAP instead of POP, you might consider changing to this newer protocol. Learn more about POP/IMAP.

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