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Reviews of how some video games perform on satellite internet



“Can I play video games on Viasat Satellite Internet?”
It’s one of the questions we hear most often, and one of the most complicated. The real answer is, it depends – on where you live, which data plan you have, which games you want to play, and a whole lot of other factors. Its important to remember, your gaming experience may vary.
Matt Ahern, who streams video game content on YouTube under the name MakoRuu, has spent thousands of hours playing PC games on Viasat Internet. He put together the following list of games he’s tried over the past two years, and rated each on how well it performed over the Viasat service.
Please note, this is not a comprehensive list of video games. New games are introduced almost daily. But if you’re interested in gaming with Viasat, Ahern's YouTube channel is a great place to start learning what to expect.





ArcheAge4.5/5Greatly improved performance over satellite internet in recent years
General community can be unwelcoming
ArcheAge Expansion 3.04.5/5Virtually all latency-related issues were solved by recent updates
Tester found community unwelcoming
Battlefield 14/5Greatly improved by patches over time
Latency does not affect casual play, but high-level players may notice a slight disadvantage
Battlefield 44.5/5Very-well optimized for high-latency internet
Some lag in data restriction
Black Desert Online3.5/5Generally smooth outside of combat
Noticeable lag during Player vs. Player battles
Occasional desyncing issues
Blade and Soul4.5/5Fast-paced action performed surprisingly well
Some lag in large hubs with more than 20 players on screen
Conan Exiles4/5Runs relatively smoothly via satellite
Tester notes that this game is not for children
Counter Strike Global Offensive1/5Serious problems connecting to game servers via satellite internet
Gameplay significantly impacted by high ping
Virtually unplayable
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 24.5/5Runs well outside of combat
Occasional lag in hectic multi-player battles, especially when targeting the same enemy as another player
Elder Scrolls Online5/5Wonderfully optimized for satellite internet
Rare lag while in data restriction, mostly with dozens of characters on-screen
Evolved Stage 24.5/5Surprisingly quick, smooth gameplay via satellite
Some issues finding matches and other players
Final Fantasy XIV:
A Realm Reborn
4.5/5Impressive performance
The game ran almost flawlessly, even in large hub areas.
Occasional lag in large, open-raid bosses and events when more than 20-40 players are visible in the same area
Ghost Recon Wildlands4/5Terrible optimization and a lot of graphical problems. But very few instances of lag.  
Guild Wars 25/5Exceptionally smooth, even during large raids
Helpful, positive community
League of Legends5/5No noticeable latency problems
Tester found community unwelcoming
Overwatch3.5/5Very smooth on Priority Data
Significant lag and input delay on data restriction
Paladins: Champions of the Realm4.5/5Tester noted virtually no latency-related issues
Path of Exile3/5Noticable amount of lag between clicking and action registering onscreen
Overall performance pretty good; some issues loading new zones while on data restriction
Planetside 24/5Tester was able to play at a high level on Priority Data
Some performance issues while in data restriction
Rainbow Six Siege 0/5Unplayable on satellite internet and even some slower DSL connections
Rust4/5Runs well over satellite internet
Some latency issues when using slower weapons
Tester found the game technically buggy
Smite3/5Playing with friends against AI ran well
Playing against other players had significant lag
Star Trek Online5/5Action is smooth and responsive, even during combat
Some issues during data restriction
Star Wars: The Old Republic4/5Great performance on Priority Data
Significant lag on data restriction, especially in Player vs. Player
Tera Online4.5/5Runs extremely well, even in high-latency situations
The Secret World5/5Virtually no latency issues, even while playing in data restriction
Tom Clancy’s The Division5/5Smooth and enjoyable overall
Minor issues during data restriction
Tree of Savior4.5/5No input lag, despite rapid-clicking mechanics
Some delay on skills and damage notifiers “popping” due to latency
Overall, tester was still able to play at high level
Warframe5/5Tester was able to play at competitive level
Fast-paced shooting experienced minor lag during data restriction
World of Warcraft5/5Main game and story flawless, even during data restriction
Other modes not tested
 * Out of 5 possible points

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