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Using your email address book



Note: This information applies only to users of or email services on the email platform that launched Summer 2015. To learn more about this changeover, please visit

Important information about email:
Viasat continues to support the WildBlue and Exede email services. But Viasat Internet does not offer an email service. We recommend using Google’s free Gmail as the most full-featured and secure email service available. You can continue to access your WildBlue and Exede email at or

Using Address Books

An Address Book is where you can store contact details for friends, family and business. By default, Contacts and Emailed Contacts address books are created in Address Book. You can create additional address books and share them with others.
You can import an address once it appears in an email you send or receive, and add additional contact information when the name is in a list in your Address Book.

You can add contacts to any of your address books just by typing a name. If you have more information, you can create a detailed contact form that include full name, multiple email addresses, work, home, and other addresses, phone numbers, and an image. You can also create group contact lists.

The Emailed Contacts address book is populated automatically when you send an email to a new email address that is not in one of your other address books. When you compose an email message, the auto-complete feature displays a list of names from your address books that most closely match the text you are typing.

There is a limit to the number of entries you can have in all your address books. When you reach this maximum, you can free up space by deleting any contacts you no longer need. 

Creating a new Address Book

  1. Open the Address Book tab. The Overview pane displays a list of your address books.
  2. In the Address Book Overview pane, click edit.
  3. Click New Address Book.
  4. Enter the name and select the background color for the new address book.
  5. Click Create Address Book.
 The new address book will then be listed in the Overview pane.

Importing Contacts/ Address Book

You can import contact lists and address books that are saved in a comma-separated (.csv) text file format. Import is available from their Import/Export Preferences.
1. Go to Preferences>Import/Export.
2. In the Import section File field, browse to locate the contact .csv file to import.
3. Select the type of contact file that is being imported.  If you are not sure, select Auto-Detect.
  • Windows Live Contacts
  • Outlook contacts
  • Outlook 2003 contacts
  • Yahoo! contacts
Contact lists from different accounts may not display contact information in the same order. Picking the correct type of contact file that is being imported  identifies the order of the fields so that the information displays correctly in the customer's Address Book.
4. Select the destination for this file. Select an existing address book to add the contacts or create a new address book to import the file. Click OK.
5. Click Import.
6. Click OK

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