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Back of Viasat WiFi Gateway with ports

  • Does the Viasat WiFi Gateway work with Voice?
Yes, Voice is compatible with the Viasat WiFi Gateway. You can learn how to connect your Voice service here. 
  • How do I set up my WiFi network on the Viasat WiFi Gateway?
The Viasat WiFi Gateway already has a secure, randomly assigned Wi-Fi network name and password. This information is printed on a sticker on the side of the Gateway, as well as on the bottom of the device.  This sticker is peelable, so you can place it somewhere secure if you wish – we suggest saving it In the enclosed user’s guide, and putting the user guide in a secure place.
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If you want to use this network name and password, you’re good to start connecting your Wi-Fi enabled devices!
  • How do I change my WiFi network name or password?

To access the Viasat WiFi Gateway User Interface, type “” into your web browser’s URL bar. Click on WiFi Settings. 
The default username to change router settings  is “admin", and your admin password will be located on the same sticker on your modem where you found your default WiFi credentials.  You can adjust your WiFi settings for both the 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless bands on this screen. Once passwords on the networks have been set, this is the password that will need to be used on your device(s) to get connection to the networks
Learn about the differences between 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless bands here  or get additional help setting up your Wi-Fi network here.


  • What do the different indicator lights mean?

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The WiFi indicator light will be solid blue when WiFi is available. If it is unlit, WiFi is not active.
The LED indicator shows the status of the Viasat WiFi Gateway. It is normal for the indicator light to flash numerous colors or go dark for a few seconds when it is first powered on. Each color means something different.

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  • What are the specifications of the Viasat WiFi Gateway?

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  • My Viasat WiFi Gateway isn’t performing like I expected it to. Are there any troubleshooting steps I can take?

  1. First check to make sure your Wi-Fi signal is active. If you have connected the gateway to your computer with an Ethernet cable and do not have Internet service (and the Wi-Fi LED on the Gateway is not lit), the problem could lie with the gateway. Resetting the gateway may be required.

  2. Use a paperclip, or pen tip, to press the reset button on the side of the gateway (caution: do not press and hold the reset button for more than five seconds, this will restore the Gateway factory settings, i.e., the original password provided for your gateway that is printed on the top and bottom labels.) After about a minute, you should see the Wi-Fi LED on the gateway light up and have an active Wi-Fi signal.
  3. If resetting doesn’t fix the issue, unplug the Gateway from the electrical outlet and plug it back into the electrical outlet for a full reboot of power.
  • Can I use another wireless router with my Viasat WiFi Gateway?

Yes! For information on how to connect a wireless router to your Viasat WiFi Gateway, check out our article here.

For additional details and information, please refer to the Viasat WiFi Gateway User Guide.


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