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What you need to know about your data allowance



A guide to understanding your Viasat data limits, and tips for staying within them.

Data Usage Caps or Data Limits

  • Wireless networks, like satellite, are more likely than traditional ISPs to get overloaded with heavy video usage.

  • This is why the data usage caps for wireless internet are generally a good deal lower than cable networks. 

  • In setting our caps, we aim to provide the fastest speed and best quality of service possible -- even during evening peak periods.

  • We set our plans' data usage caps at levels that fit the majority of internet users. 

Data Plan Options for Viasat Customers

  • As a customer, you can choose from a variety of plans, all with a different monthly share of available data.

  • For details about plans available in your area, visit and enter your zip code. 

  • To check your plan's data usage and/or change to a different plan, log in at

Viasat makes it simple to monitor your data usage!

  • Your data usage restarts the first day of your monthly billing cycle.

  • It’s a good idea to check the usage meter a few times a month to see how much data you’ve consumed. This is particularly important when you’re new to the service and getting a feel for how to manage data

  • You can access your usage meter through your account, by using the Viasat mobile app, or by texting JOIN to 20715 and signing up for Viasat text alerts.

  • Outside of our daily Free-Zone periods (available on Classic, Evolution, Essential and select Liberty plans), our meter measures all uploads and downloads as one number.

  • We keep track of how much data you're using, and can offer options if you need to buy more data.

  • Periodic usage checks on your end will help you decide what data to use when.

What to know about your data plan

Classic plans:

  • Data is measured between 5 a.m. and midnight

  • A Free Zone of un-metered data available daily from midnight to 5 a.m.

Evolution plans: 

  • Data usage is measured between 8 a.m. and 3 a.m. daily. 

  • You can generally browse web pages and check email without taking any toll on your monthly allowance.

  • Other internet usage, however, will affect your monthly data allowance. That includes items that may be embedded in email links and web pages – like videos, games, files, voice and video chat, and large attachments.

Freedom and Liberty plans:

  • These plans manage data usage somewhat differently. Read more about Freedom plans  here and Liberty plans here.

Unlimited data:
  Viasat helps you monitor your usage!
  • We understand you're busy and may not have time to check your data usage, or simply forget to.

  • Don’t worry, we send an email notification when you’re at 70 percent of your monthly allowance, and then again when you hit 100 percent.

  • Then, you can choose to purchase more data with Buy More, or step up to another plan with a larger data allowance -- the choice is up to you! 

  • If you max out and opt not to make a plan change or data purchase, we may slow and restrict some of your service until the end of your data use cycle. You can read the legal terms of our data allowance policy here.

Regardless of your data use in any month, your usage meter resets to zero at the start of every billing cycle. 

  • For more tips on managing your data usage, check out our data usage tips article here.

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