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Answers to your Questions relating to your Viasat Internet service during this difficult time



As our country continues to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, rest assured our focus is to make sure you maintain connection to Viasat Internet for work and school. Viasat has taken immediate steps to help our customers stay connected. For answers to common questions regarding your Viasat Internet service during this difficult time, please see below. For other concerns or questions regarding your Viasat Internet service, please contact Customer Care at (855) 493-9333.

A Message from Viasat

Q:  Will Viasat make any changes to monthly data limits or to the speed limits that are applied after customers use a set amount of data? 

A:  In order to make sure all of our customers have reliable internet access, we employ network management practices to prevent any subscriber from placing a disproportionate demand on network resources during times of heavy usage and encourage customers to move toward less in-demand hours.

Offering high-speed data with no limits would impact the experience for the vast majority of customers. It is more important than ever to have our network management practices in place so that more of our customers have the ability to access what is most important to them.  
We have some tips to help you get the most out of your service like limiting gaming and streaming and enabling Video Data Extender if you are on a plan with a data allowance. For great data saving tips for everyone, regardless of what plan you’re on, please view this help article.
Viasat understands that during this time you may need more from your home internet service, and we are actively working to ensure that our network continues to provide essential internet connections to our valued customers.   

Q:  Why are my speeds good - then become slower at times? 
A:  We understand that right now you need internet access more than ever for work, school and to maintain social connections. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a substantial increase in internet demand and an unprecedented shift to higher need during daytime hours. Though we already actively manage our network, in these unusual times we are looking at new and different ways to optimize it in order to best serve our customers’ essential needs.
Changes we’ve made for your internet plan so far include prioritizing Social Networking, Real-Time Communication and Email traffic to improve speeds, even if you’ve already reached your data limit or usage threshold. Examples of applications and services that should benefit from these changes include Facebook, Zoom, WhatsApp and Facetime, to name a few. We are also applying changes to network storage and web browsing to improve speeds from 7am – 6pm, again, regardless of whether or not you have reached your data limit or usage threshold. To get the most out of these changes, we have simultaneously deprioritized other, less essential, traffic such as gaming downloads during times of network congestion.

Even with these changes, the drastic increases in demand are resulting in congestion from our network becoming too full. This is similar to a highway where you can drive 65 mph (or faster) when there are few cars in the lanes, but not during rush hour when traffic slows down for everyone. Our engineers continue to explore every possible option to make the most of the network and the available bandwidth capacity to meet the important needs of our customers at this time.
Q:  How can I use VPN with your service - VPN doesn't seem to work well with satellite service.

A:  Virtural Private Networks (VPN's) and other remote computer access software, such as those used to connect business servers for at-home workers, may be very slow with satellite internet. Depending on your VPN, it may not work at all, yet other "SSL"-based VPS's may work just fine.  We recommend contacting your IT department to see if they can make any adjustments to accommodate your service.

Q:  Will there be any changes in my service plan during this time?

A:  Viasat will communicate to you any changes to its services or new available service as a result of COVID-19. At this time, there are no changes to service plans.

Q:  Can I make partial payments for my Viasat service?

A:  We understand your hardship due to the COVID-19 situation and that it may not be possible to make a full payment. To avoid a large balance, you may wish to make partial payments on your account. You can do this anytime via your account. We will not assess late fees.

Q:  Does the Viasat network have enough capacity for a big surge of data traffic?

A:  Viasat's team of network engineers are actively monitoring the network to ensure that we're optimized to handle the shift in expected internet usage and the heavy demand on our network resulting from the COVID-19 situation.
Viasat's services are designed to ensure fair access to the network for all of its users based on their service plan. As a result, it is our goal to keep you connected and using the internet, much like you do today.

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