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Viasat's New, Faster Internet Browser



Introducing Viasat Browser -- a new internet browser developed by Viasat to help speed up and improve your internet browsing experience.

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What is the Viasat Browser?
Viasat Browser is a new internet browser that was developed by Viasat to help speed up and improve your internet browsing experience.
What makes Viasat Browser different from other browsers? Why should I use it?

Viasat Browser:
  • Is the fastest browser on Viasat Internet
  • Studies and learns webpages to load the internet in a better, faster way
  • Has a free, built-in adblocker, preventing malware and trackers from loading
  • Is the first browser to crowdsource the internet – constantly improving your internet experience
Is the Viasat Browser secure?

Yes. Viasat Browser is built on the same open source platform as Chrome. In addition, it provides built-in adblocking – preventing malware and internet trackers from loading and slowing down your internet experience while also helping to protect your privacy.
Where can I download Viasat Browser?
You can download it here.
How do I make Viasat Browser my default browser?
Open the browser, click on the three-dotted menu in the top right hand corner, select "Settings", then scroll to the bottom and click the button that says "Make Viasat Browser the default browser."
Do I have to use Viasat Browser in order to use my Viasat Internet?
What if something doesn’t work while I’m using Viasat Browser?
Please report any issues through the built-in reporting interface by clicking on the Viasat browser icon at the left of the URL bar and selecting “Report a Viasat Browser problem”. For accurate reporting, make sure you report from the tab that is experiencing the issue
What platforms does Viasat Browser work on?

Viasat Browser  is  available for Mac, OS X Mavericks 10.9 or later, and PC, Windows 7 or later, computers, as well as Android and iOS phones.
Is there a mobile version of Viasat Browser?

Yes, the Viasat Browser is available for Android and iOS. 

Have additional questions? Visit the full Viasat Browser FAQ here.

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