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How to read and understand your billing statement



 This explains the information included on your monthly Viasat billing statement.


If you're looking for a quick, easy glance at the most important information about your bill, you can start by taking a look at the Billing Snapshot on your account's home page. Here you'll see what amount -- if any -- is due, your next billing date, your last payment and the date it was made. If you haven't signed up yet for an online account, registration is easy - just go to your account or click here.

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From this screen, if you want to look closer at your monthly billing statement, you can click on the Billing & Payment tab.

If you want to take a closer look at your monthly billing statement and already have an online account, follow this link and log in with your username and password. You'll go straight to billing information. 

If you're a new subscriber, your first billing statement is going to look a little bit different from those that follow. Check out this article to see how.

Your bill provides a complete breakdown of current and previous charges, taxes, fees, surcharges.


The Billing & Payments tab show you your complete billing statement -- as well as offers you the opportunity to print your bill and make a one-time payment, if you want. You can use the one-time payment feature on your account to pay your bill. You can also utilize our other secure self-service tools to make a payment.
If you make a payment over the phone with an agent, an assistance fee of $5.00 will added to your next statement.

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Below this, you’ll find a full breakdown of your billing statement. 

The first section here is your Invoice Summary; that includes the Previous Balance, Payments, any Refunds, Current Charges and Fees, Taxes, Surcharges and Fees and the
Amount Due.

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The next section breaks down Current Charges and Fees. If you're leasing any equipment from Viasat, that charge will be included in this section. Here, you'll also see the monthly fee for your service, and the total Current Charges and Fees.  If you've received any adjustments to your bill, they will appear here as well. 

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Lastly, the Taxes, Surcharges and Fees are further detailed. These items include any state, county and other taxes. At the end of this section, there is also a button that will allow you to print your statement, if you need to. 

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If you ever need to make a quick and easy one-time payment, check out EasyPay.

For fast and convenient options to view your billing statement, pay your bill, set up billing alerts, and even chat with agents, click here to learn more about our self-service tools!

In a past-due status? This article may be helpful when reviewing your statement:

If you still have questions related to your invoice, contact Customer Care.

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