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What to know if you bundle Viasat Internet with DIRECTV



What to know if you bundle your Viasat Internet and DIRECTV services

Almost anyone who can get DIRECTV satellite television service can also get Viasat Internet. Customers who bundle their Viasat Internet service with DIRECTV can save $120 in a year, with a $10 a month discount off the first year of Viasat service.
There are a couple of things to know about bundling Viasat with DIRECTV:

  • You’ll sign a separate, 24-month contract for your Viasat Internet service.

  • You will receive two separate bills — one from Viasat and one from DIRECTV.

  • Viasat service requires installation of a second, separate dish. That’s because our internet service goes two ways and comes from a different satellite.

Go here for more information on bundling Viasat and DIRECTV.
If you need help with your DIRECTV service, call 800-531-5000 or visit the DIRECTV Help Center.

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