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Disabling video auto play on Facebook




Online videos that begin playing automatically can eat into your Viasat Internet data usage allowance. Here’s a look at how this happens and what you can do about it.

The current auto-play feature in Facebook will automatically load every video on the page. When scrolling through your newsfeed, these videos begin to play silently by default — even once you’ve scrolled past them. 

Facebook has a setting that allows users to turn off the auto-play feature, as do many other sites that use auto-play.

Be aware of what devices you’re using with your Viasat service, and consider switching the auto-play feature to ‘Off.’ You must disable the autoplay feature on Facebook for each individual device connected to your Viasat network — smartphone, tablet, desktop, etc. While the in-motion newsfeed may be a cool and entertaining feature, we recommend opting out to maximize your Viasat Internet data allowance.

TIP: Disabling autoplay won’t prevent you from watching videos. You can simply click on any video you want to watch and it will start playing almost immediately.

Disabling autoplay on Facebook (Desktop)

Here's a step-by-step illustration of how to disable the auto-play feature on your desktop computer for Facebook.

1. Scroll down to Settings under the down arrow tab on the far-right of your Facebook home screen.

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2. Under the Settings menu, select Videos to open the video-specific settings menu.

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3. Select Off from the Auto-Play Videos section under the Video Settings menu.

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Facebook App Instructions

The Facebook app will also auto-play videos by default. In order to turn this off on your devices, you will need to conduct the following steps on each device connected to your Viasat service with the Facebook app installed:

1.  Select the Menu hamburger icon on your Facebook App homepage.

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2.  Tap Settings and Privacy and then select Settings.

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3. Under the Settings menu, scroll to Videos and Photos, and tap to open.

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4.  Select  Autoplay and then tap Never Autoplay Videos to turn Autoplay off.

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