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EasyCare available for Viasat accounts



EasyCare is an optional, extra level of support for your internet service that costs only $8.99/mo., in addition to any Viasat Internet service plan fees. Here’s what you get:

  • Service calls: When you call our customer care team and they determine that an on-site service call is required, we’ll schedule a time that’s convenient for you and make that service call at no additional charge. Whether your dish fell out of alignment or a cable between your dish and your modem went bad, we’ve got you covered. Since service calls are typically $95 or more, the low monthly cost of EasyCare can save you a lot!
  • Priority access to customer service. You’ll receive the EasyCare customer phone number to call for any questions or issues and receive top-notch service from our Care agents.
  • Dish relocation service. Have a tree in the way? Remodeling? New roof? We’ll come out and relocate your Viasat dish up to once a year at the same service address for $95, a savings of over $100 compared to a relocation without EasyCare.
  • No minimum service term for EasyCare. Cancel any time.*

It’s simple to add EasyCare to your Viasat Internet service. If you've activated your account, you can do it from there. Or just give us a call at 855-463-9333.
To add or remove EasyCare from your account, first log in.

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If you’re adding EasyCare, review the plan highlights and read the EasyCare Plan Addendum.
Adding Easy Care step 2
Adding Easy Care step 3
Log out and back in, and you'll see the change to your account with the addition of EasyCare.
*If you terminate EasyCare within 90 days after subscribing, we may bill you for service calls charges that would have been applicable if you had not subscribed to EasyCare. If you terminate an EasyCare subscription, you may not be eligible to re-subscribe for 180 days following termination.

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