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How to create and manage a guest Wi-Fi network



A guest network is a safe way to let other people use your Viasat WiFi Modem signal without giving them access to your connected devices and private information, or exposing your network to security breaches.

The Viasat WiFi Modem includes an option for creating a separate guest network.

To set one up, type into your internet browser’s address bar.

If you have the Viasat WiFi Gateway,  type into your internet browser's address bar.
          Username:  admin
          Password:  printed on a sticker on the modem
            TIP:  Take a picture of the password and expand it to make the password easier to read

This will take you to your Router Login page.

creating guest network step 1

Next you’ll see the WiFi Settings page.

creating guest network step 2

Then scroll down to Guest Access.

creating guest network step 3
   Note:  If private is selected for SSID Broadcast, WiFi name will not be discoverable by WiFi enabled devices.

The default name will simply be your network name with the word “guest” added to it. So if your home wireless network is named "Rockefeller," the guest network's default SSID name would be "Rockefeller-guest." You can give the network your own name, if you’d prefer.
Next, create a strong password for your guest network. Since you’ll be giving it out more frequently, you might opt for a more memorable, easy-to-type pass phrase than one containing all kinds of different characters.

Select the number of Total Allowed Guests. You can choose from 1 to 10. This number actually refers to devices, or MAC addresses. You may want to set a low number if you’re concerned about too many visitors using your internet connection at once.

Be sure the SSID Broadcast is marked “enabled” so guests can see it when their devices scan for Wi-Fi networks.

Final step: Tell your guests which SSID and password to use when they want to get online.  


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