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Introducing the Viasat Internet Mobile App



Viasat is excited to introduce the free Viasat mobile app, designed to let you have more control over your Viasat Internet Experience. 

What phones and operating systems does it work on?

The Viasat Internet Mobile App is currently supported on Apple iPhones with iOS 9 or higher installed, as well as Android 4.4 or higher phones. You can find your operating system by:

  1. Apple – Open Settings > General > About. Scroll to Version to find OS number.

  2. Android – Open Settings > About Phone/Device. Tap Android Version to see the OS number.

 Windows and Blackberry devices are not currently supported.

Can I use my iPad or Android tablet? 

No, iPads and Android tablets are not currently supported.

Do I have to pay for the Viasat Internet app? 

No, the Viasat Internet app is free to download and use.

How do I download it?

On iPhones:

  1. Click here
  1. On the home screen, tap App Store
  2. From the App Store, click on “Search” in the bottom right hand corner
  3. In the Search bar, type “Viasat Internet”
  4. Click on “Get” next to the Viasat Internet app
  5. Tap Install, follow the instructions to install.
  6. Wait for the download to finish
  7. Press the home button or (iPhone X only) swipe to the home screen
  8. Click on the Viasat Internet app icon to open it
On Android phones:
  1. Click here
  1. From the homescreen, tap the Play Store icon
  2. Search for “Viasat Internet”  in the search bar
  3. Tap the three dots icon to the right of the Viasat Internet app
  4. Select Install
  5. Tap the Open button

What modems are supported? 

The mobile app supports our Surfbeam 2 modem, Viasat WiFi Modem, and Viasat WiFi Gateway. The SB1 modem is not supported.

Can I pay my bill using the Viasat Internet mobile app?

Yes, you can use the Viasat Internet mobile app to pay your bill. You can also utilize any of our other secure self-service tools to make a payment. If you make a payment over the phone with an agent, an assistance fee of $5.00 will be added to your next statement.

What can I use the mobile app for?

You can currently use the Viasat Mobile App, depending on your plan, to:

  • See your Billing Summary

  • Pay your Bill

  • See your Usage Summary

  • Troubleshoot

  • Turn your Video Data Extender on or off

  • Check your modem diagnostics

  • Reboot your modem

  • Buy more data

  • Chat with an agent

  • Check your installation

  • Change your installation date

Can I add a new billing method or payment type to pay my bill with?

Unfortunately, in order to use bill pay, your billing method and payment type have to already be on file to pay from the mobile app.

How do I stop push notifications from the Viasat Internet app?

On iPhones:

  1. Access the "Settings" App from your main screen’

  2. Tap Notifications

  3. Swipe up until you see the Viasat Internet app

  4. Tap the Viasat Internet app

  5. Slide the Allow Notifications toggle from the “On” to the “Off” position 

On Android phones:

  1. Go to Apps

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Click on More

  4. Tap on the Viasat Internet Mobile App

  5. Clear the check box next to Show notifications to disable push notifications

Does the mobile app require an internet connection?

Yes. In order to use the mobile app, you will need a connection to the internet, whether it is through your mobile network or through WiFi.

Do I have to accept the terms of service to use the Viasat internet mobile app?

Yes, in order to use the Viasat Internet mobile app, you must accept the terms of service.

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