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​Managing your email accounts



How to add and remove email addresses associated with your Exede or WildBlue email account

With your Exede or WildBlue email account you can create up to 10 email accounts and manage them all through the Household Manager. This gives families the opportunity to create different accounts for every member of the household. Account administrators have the ability to set security and parental settings making the accounts safe for youngsters and teens.

To get to the Household Manager:
  1. Login to your or email account with your username and password
  2. Click on arrow in the top right corner next to your name, and from the drop-down select Household Management.
Add a new user
  1. Once on the Household Management page, click on Add New User
  2. Enter the First and Last Name of the person who will be using the account
  3. Create a Username
  4. Choose and confirm your Password
  5. If you want this user to be an Account Administrator, meaning that they have full access to make changes (deleting, creating, etc.) to other accounts in the Household Manager, check this box
  6. Click Add User.
After you have created the account, it is possible to go back and change everything from the household manager panel with the exception of the username and password. However, the password can be changed from preferences when logged in under the new account.

Deleting an alternate email address from your account
  1. Open the Household Manager and select Manage Users
  2. Click on the email address that you wish to delete and click Remove User, then click Confirm.
  3. An account administrator can delete any email user account except for the primary email address
  4. The account will then disappear from the Household Manager

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