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This article provides steps for accessing your voicemail from your phone and remotely; plus, how to personalize options from your phone.


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Access Voicemail    |     Remote Access to Voicemail   |   Personalize Options from Phone

Access Voicemail from phone                                                                                                                               
Step 1
Dial *36 from the phone that is connected to the Voice Adapter
Step 2
Enter the 4-digit PIN, followed by the # (pound) sign
Default PIN = 1234
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Remote Access to Voicemail
Step 1
Dial the 10-digit phone number
Step 2
When the greeting starts, press the # (pound) sign
Step 3
Enter the 4-digit PIN
Step 4
Press 1 - to Listen to your messages
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Personalize Options from Phone
Step 1
Dial into your Voicemail box
Step 2
Press 8 - to access your personal Options
Personal Options Include:
1Change your PIN
2Personalize your Greeting
3Status Check
5Call Forwarding
7Record your Personal Name
9Repeat Personal Options
0Exit the Menu
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