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How web acceleration works to improve your Viasat service



Our advanced software helps speed page load time.

The amount of data contained in a single webpage has grown substantially in the last few years, and now exceeds 2.4 MB per page, mostly due to the increased use of images and video. Images that haven't been scaled for the web, poorly written code, embedded media and Flash software add still more drag to the process.

All of it means the internet is getting fat – and potentially slower.

So, as good as your network speed or connection may be, it doesn’t necessarily correlate to page-load time. To combat this, your Viasat service has a secret sauce built in called Viasat’s Web Accelerator. This is software that 
dramatically mitigates the effects of satellite latency on web performance, bringing it to nearly the speed offered by traditional internet service providers. It also addresses many of the page-loading speed challenges standard service providers face. 

Here’s how it works:

When a Viasat subscriber accesses a website, Viasat’s Web Accelerator predicts what will be needed to render the page, pre-fetches that content, and delivers it to the modem just moments before your browser requests it.

So what’s that all mean? 

The average web page consists of more than 100 different objects from 19 different sites. This requires more than 100 round trips between your device and the web servers, adding a potential 17 seconds of load time on a satellite internet connection. Since the distance to the satellite already adds a fair amount of latency — the time it takes for the signal to make the round trip — it’s critical to reduce page-load time in other ways.

Pre-fetching enables large portions of your web page content to be served locally, eliminating the round trips over the satellite that would otherwise slow down the page rendering. Additionally, Viasat’s Web Accelerator compresses any uncompressed content that it sees so as to reduce the amount of data that needs to be sent for each page.
This process is automatically provided to all Viasat subscribers and operates in the background at all times. 
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