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What to expect with your first Viasat Internet billing statement



Your first Viasat Internet billing statement will be slightly different than the rest.
Note: If you order your Viasat service online, your only option for payment is via credit card. Once your service is activated, you can change your method of payment at

How is my bill paid?

  • We use paperless billing to automatically charge the payment method - bank account, credit or debit card - you've provided to us each month. 

Why am I charged so soon after installation?

  • We'll assess those first charges and send you your first billing notice within three days of installation. That's because we charge your monthly service fee in advance.
  • Those charges will be assessed on the same day each month thereafter.

Why is my first bill slightly higher than I expected?

  • Your first bill likely will be higher than your regular monthly charge because it covers not only the first full month of service, but also the days of service between your install date and the start of your first regular bill cycle.
  • It also will include one-time charges - like lease and installation fees - that won't appear on any other bills; that's why you may see double-line items for these things on that first bill. 

So it could look something like this:

First Bill Description - Proration

  • After this first bill, your statement will include single-month charges only.
  • Let’s take a closer look at how this first billing cycle works, using an example month starting on the 1st:

First Bill Cycle Explanation

  • *Above is only an example. Your bill period will likely be different based on your actual installation date.

  • To get more details, change your payment method or email address, log in to You can also make a one-time payment online and review your billing statement here.

  • You can also make a quick one-time payment with our EasyPay feature. Read this article for details on how this feature works. 

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