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How to register your account for the first time



A step-by-step guide to getting started with your account.

This article pertains to Classic, Evolution, Liberty, Freedom and Unlimited plan customers only.



Learn more about your account.
Start by going to the Customer Portal.

Initial login screen

Now you’ll see a Find your account screen that will ask for some basic identification we need to get you started.
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Now you’ll see the Create your login screen. This where you'll be asked to create a username, as well as a password. 
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As an added layer of security, you’ll be asked to select a couple of security questions and answers on the Secure your account screen.
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The Welcome screen let you know you’ve been successful, and you can now log in by click the Return to login button. 
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If you encounter problems creating a user name or email account, our Customer Care agents are here to help. Contact Support.  



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